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September 29, 2019 2 min read

Winter is almost here… are you ready?

Before the blazing winds and the heavy snowfalls reach your area, you have to prepare your home, your car, your wardrobe, and your mindset to be ready for winter.

When the mounds of preparation are done and over with, you need to focus on yourself, especially your skin.

The cold temperature and low humidity associated with the winter months can cause your skin to quickly lose its moisture, causing it to look dry and pale.

Keep your skin looking summer-fresh even during winter by following these great tips:

1.     Stick with warm showers

Because it’s cold, you might be tempted to turn the heat up. The skin is very delicate. When you bathe with hot water, your skin can’t keep the moisture in. So as with everything, moderation is the key.


2.     Wear layers of clothes when necessary

When you’re going outside, make sure you’re dressed for the weather.

For example, your hands are always exposed and are the first to experience dry skin. Gloves are always a good idea for protecting your hands.

To protect the rest of your body, wear layers of clothes. If you start to sweat, begin removing layers to avoid skin irritation.


3.     Plug in the humidifier

As winter is associated not only with low temperatures but also with low humidity, you need to plug in the humidifier.

Low humidity levels can result in extremely dry skin which if not taken care of, can worsen to blistering and rashes.


4.     Always exfoliate

Surface the newer and healthier skin underneath by exfoliating your whole body. For this, you may go for dermabrasion (meaning, you physically remove the dead skin cells with an abrasive object) or chemical exfoliation.

The latter is definitely much safer as it doesn’t cause micro-tears to your skin.


5.     Moisturize with CBD body butter

Because your skin is naturally dryer during winter months, a lotion is less effective and can even cause irritation.

Ointments and creams are better moisturizing agents when it’s cold as they have more content condensed per milliliter.

But you can get even better skin with CBD body butter. Not only will it regain your skin's moisture, but it also acts as a barrier that protects the skin from extreme cold weather.

And because it prevents inflammation and micro bacteria growth, you can keep your perfectly smooth and soft skin even during the coldest winter.