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November 13, 2019 2 min read

Can you feel the holiday rush? We certainly can! For many people, the holiday season is probably the busiest time of the year. With reunions and gatherings taking place, kids and pets to take care of, and oh, there’s that long list of gifts to buy. 

It just makes so much sense to do your shopping online for the perfect holiday gifts but with everyone practically doing the same thing and offering big discounts on all forms of products - you’ll be facing decision fatigue and it’s not what you need right now. 

Stay on track and power through the Holidays with premium CBD products that are sure to give you that much-needed zen from all the crazy holiday happenings. You can even take advantage of the big holiday discounts. 

If you are new to CBD, then you’re in luck! This season offers the best and biggest product discounts and deals. Here are our top CBD product picks for the Holiday season:   

  1. CBD Topicals and salves - They are your go-to items for minor aches and pains because CBD helps fight inflammation. CBD topicals make for great gifts for family and friends who need an introduction to CBD. 

  2. CBD Pet products - Pets can suffer from anxiety when there’s too much noise or sounds like firecrackers. This is heightened around the holiday season where the household gets crazier with visiting friends and family. Worse, if you’re traveling with pets, they are much more prone to stressful activities like travel and or changes in their environment. CBD pet products can be tinctures or treats, either way, your pet will appreciate a dose of CBD to lessen unease.  Don’t have pets? You’ll definitely be on your family or friend’s nice list once they receive this gift from you for their anxious fur-family members.

  3. CBD Oils - Whether you want to try or are using full spectrum or natural hemp oils, stocking up during the Holidays is a great idea. Why? That’s because CBD oils are one of the most expensive products carried by a lot of CBD brands. Premium CBD oils can cost anywhere from $69 to as much as $300 per bottle depending on the potency. The Holiday season is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of store discounts, freebies, and other promos.

  4. CBD Gummies - Here at Hearty Heroes, it’s our team’s favorite! Give the gift of relaxation with this fun-packed yummy treat. Pop one too if you must!

Bottom line is, never let Holiday stress get to you. Try some of these CBD products today to get that “real chill” (without the high!) you’ve always wanted to experience during the busy season. 

Give your body some much-needed support during this time of the year. Better yet, share these wellness products with your loved ones.