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September 29, 2019 2 min read

If you want to look great, nothing beats having healthy and glowing skin. It's literally all over your body, so even just that one change can result in a great improvement.

There are a lot of products that you can use to achieve smoother and softer skin. You have lotions, masks, bath salts, and many more.

Of all your options, only CBD body butter is definitely the holy grail of skin moisturizing – it gets the results you want almost instantly.

Maximize the benefits of CBD body butter to your skin by following these tips:


Less is more

Try putting on a little first. And if you feel that isn’t enough, simply adjust the amount you’re applying.


Put more on problem areas

Some parts of the body can dry out more easily than others depending on environmental factors and genetics.

Feel free to up the application amount and times on your problem areas to even out your skin. But make sure to dial it back down once the desired smoothness and softness is achieved on those areas.


Only apply your CBD body butter after a warm shower or bath

To allow the nutrients and the CBD content of the product to be absorbed more quickly, open up your pores beforehand by taking a warm shower or bath.

This also helps you save because, with a higher absorption rate, you’ll use less.


Don’t just apply the product, massage it

Massaging is not just relaxing; it also stimulates blood flow in your body. In a way, it works out your muscles and your skin.

And with heat that comes with working out, your pores open, allowing your skin to absorb more.

So if you're suffering from muscle and joint pain, massaging would increase the effect of CBD in your skin. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD help get rid of redness while soothing pains at the same time.